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Work Weekends (Workends)

What is a "WorkEnd"?

The Council of Magickal Arts, Inc. is an entirely volunteer-run organization, and the maintenance of our land at Spirit Haven Ranch (SHR) is no different. Throughout the year, the Ranch Team (led by the Ranch Manager), will schedule and organize maintenance tasks at SHR over a weekend... thus the name "WorkEnd."

The things that our team does during the WorkEnd can vary widely: from re-roofing a structure to fixing fences, improving roads, organizing the tool shed, painting buildings... you name it. It's anything and everything needed to maintain SHR and it's buildings. Those who may have physical limitations or various forms of disability are totally welcome; there is always a wide enough range of things to be done that we can find something for everyone.

While this may all seem like a lot of work, WorkEnds are also a good bit of fun. Besides simply getting to know the person you're working alongside, there are often drum circles and campfires at night, coyotes howling in the distance (that we sometimes join in with), and a great deal of community to be included in. You may hear the phrase "ONE TEAM" thrown around affectionately, it's an affirmation of the work we're doing and the appreciation for those doing it with us.

Workends are also a camping experience. You will need your usual camping equipment, including camp chairs. Be aware that it's also rural Texas, so you'll want to pack whatever you might need in order to be able to handle that. Additionally, there is no potable water on-property, so you'll definitely want to bring enough of your own with you. 

Please do not arrive on Fridays before the announced time—we can't guarantee anyone will be there to let you in!

WorkEnd Requirements and Information

  • Sign in at the Guardian Station upon arrival for safety and accountability.
  • Attend the brief Safety and Task Meetings at 9 am on Saturday and Sunday mornings in the Kitchen (this is where you'll sign the attendance roster and obtain tasks).
  • Matthew's Healing Station is usually available as a crash space (check the specific event on the calendar), and is "first come, first served."
  • There are no public showers, however some campsites open their showers for WorkEnder use.
  • Port-a-Potties are located near the SHR Office/Guardian Building.
  • Remember to bring water, sunscreen, bugspray, boots, and gloves!

WorkEnd Policy Reminders

  • Spirit Haven Ranch is a "Pack It In, Pack It Out" facility. Any and ALL trash you produce (including night-time fireside festivities and meals) needs to leave with you.
  • Guests will be allowed to attend two Workends, after which time, they will need to become members in order to enjoy member benefits, such as, attending further workends.
  • All dogs MUST remain leashed. Pets are like kids: you're responsible for their care, keeping, and behavior.

RSVP for WorkEnds

RSVP-ing for WorkEnds helps us get an accurate headcount so we know what projects we can tackle. Click the buttons below to view the Facebook events for each WorkEnd!

Next WorkEnd Dates and SHR Calendar

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