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Vending at CMA Events

Becoming a Vendor at CMA Events

Everyone who attends CMA events must be a member.
- Sign up for a yearly membership for $25

Everyone who attends CMA events must have a valid registration.
- Vendor Registration will open the same time that the Non-Vendor registrations open.
- The price for a Vendor registration is currently the same as the standard registration price, but includes free Wednesday Early Entry, and requests different information on the registration form.

All vendors MUST have their Sales + Use Tax Permit displayed in their booth/vending area.
CMA does NOT collect sales tax for our vendors. Each vendor is required to collect and file their own taxes for sales made during CMA Festivals + Events.

If you have questions about vending, contact our Vendor's Rep:

If you encounter issues or have questions during the registration process

Vending Fees

In order to register to vend, vendors will need to pay the appropriate registration pricing. (Registration prices vary based on when you register, see the Samhain Event Page or the Beltane Event Page for more information on registration)

Additionally, all vendors must pay for their vending space (also referred to as a booth). A vendor's spot is considered to be the Vendor's Row frontage of your booth, and the area behind it. 

Vending Space pricing is currently as follows, which is the Vendor's Row frontage. When registering you must select at least one:

  • 10' space: $21
  • 20' space: $42
  • Electricity: $25 (optional)

Restricted + Prohibited Items / Services

Items + services restricted in sales OR barter:
- Alcoholic beverages, including homemade fermented items using alcohol such as tinctures, recipes, bottle bags, potions, decorative bottles, vinegar, etc.

- Healers who provide hands-on healing (ANY touching of the client) and recieve ANY compensation or fees for services (including gifts, bartering, tips, etc) must be licensed by the state of Texas

- Fresh food + beverages. Non-refrigerated, prepackaged, and marked for individual sale items may be sold by any vendor.

** Those wishing to vend restricted items and services MUST contact the CMA Board of Directors at PRIOR to festival for approval and verification of food handler's licenses, hands-on healing licenses, and/or TABC requirements and certification. This can take some time, so DO IT EARLY!**

Items + services prohibited from sale OR barter:

- Tobacco
- Tobacco products (excluding e-cigs and tobacco paraphernalia
- Firearms and/or other incendiary devices
- ANY item prohibited by local, state, or federal laws that govern the festival
- Tattooing (other than henna, temporary tattoos, or face-painting)
- Piercing
- Other body-modification services

Arrival/Setup + Packup/Closeout

Arrival + Setup:
- Gate opens at 12pm (noon) on the Wednesday of festival.

- Check-in your registration at the Gate

- You will be directed to the Vendor's Representative (or their assistant), who will show you to your assigned spot.

- You are allowed to bring in 2 assistants to help with setup at no charge on WEDNESDAY ONLY, but they must leave before dark.

- Each vendor space is marked. Please set your structure up in your assigned space. Spaces are a few feet wider to accommodate rope tie downs. CMA does not provide structures, tables or chairs. Each vendor must bring everything required for their set up and be prepared for Texas weather. Vendors row does not have much shade so plan accordingly. If paying for electrical bring at least a 100 foot extension cord.

Please be sure to arrive with enough time to set up before the gates officially open at 12pm (noon) on Thursday.

NO vehicles other than golf carts or personal mobility devices are allowed on property after dark! If you arrive after 7pm, you will be asked to park your vehicle in the lot and return after 7am to get your gear and set up your vending spot.

Packup + Closeout:
- All vendors must be packed up and ready to load your vehicle by 12pm (noon) so that you can be fully off-property no later than 1pm on Sunday

- This is a LEAVE NO TRACE event, you must pack out any trash or debris from your site. Any such item left behind will cause you to be assessed a cleaning fee, which must be paid prior to registering for future events. A second infraction means we will have to deny you the ability to vend at future festivals.

If you must leave before Sunday, please contact our Vendor's Representative (or their assistant) as soon as you know, and they will escort you and your vehicle back to vendor's row to pack out your booth. This must be done before 5pm on any day.

Sleeping/Camping Accommodations

Spirit Haven Ranch is a rustic setting in the middle of rural Texas, and camping amenities relatively primitive. During festival, we have portas and a basic Vendor's Shower available for use, but we do not have nor rent cabins, tents, RVs, or other sleeping structures. The water available on Spirit Haven Ranch is non-potable (not drinkable).

You are responsible for arranging for, bringing, packing up, and hauling away your own sleeping accommodations (such as a tent, or RV), as well as all your own food, water, and anything else you might need in order to be comfortable.

Please keep in mind that this is a Leave No Trace event, and you are responsible for removing and disposing of your own trash and waste from the ranch. If you run into issues, contact our Ranch Manager for assistance, as dumping or leaving litter means you can (and WILL) be assessed a fine. Repeated offenses result in a denial of service and you will not be permitted to return to Spirit Haven Ranch.

Vendor's Employees

Wednesday Entry + Setup ONLY
Each vendor may be accompanied, for free, by up to two(2) employees on Wednesday to assist them in setting up their booth. These employees must be named on the Vendor's Registration Form. If they are to stay beyond Wednesday, they must be CMA members AND registered for festival.

Employees during Festival

*Note Vendor Employees will need to email us at to bypass Wed EE fees and CS Requirements*

Employees of vendors that will be present intermittently or throughout festival will need to be CMA Members with valid registrations. 

If they are not already members of CMA: Your employees will need to sign up for a membership

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