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Spirit Haven Ranch

In 2000, The Council of Magickal Arts purchased just a little over 101 acres in Cistern, Texas. This land has become what we now know as Spirit Haven Ranch, and it is where CMA holds two festivals a year: Beltane in April, and Samhain in October. Throughout the property are multiple Sacred Spaces: places of spiritual significance with member stewards who are called to maintain them.

We have regularly scheduled WorkEnds at Spirit Haven Ranch to maintain and improve the property. Visitors are welcome to attend up to two (2) WorkEnds in a calendar year to come see the land and get to know our Ranch Team a bit better before deciding to become a member. Members in good standing are free to attend any WorkEnd that is held throughout the year, and are also welcome to be part of our Festival Setup team.

Spirit Haven Ranch has an assortment of primitive campsites, campsites with electrical outlets, and access to non-potable water for showering. Some of these campsites are held by member reservation for use at festival, and other spaces are designated for Open Camping. If you're new and not sure where to camp, our Newbee Coordinator should be able to help you out, and also has access to camping that is right up close to Revel Field.

In addition to our own festivals, Spirit Haven Ranch is also home to various other festivals run by other organizations throughout the year.
If you're interested in using the land to host your group's event, please contact our Board of Directors.

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