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Memorial Grove is located in a small inlet along the path to Dragon’s Nest and Grandmother’s Grove, a close neighbor to the Temple of Ganesh. It features a small clearing with a altar-throne in the center, with stone benches for both the living and the dead around the periphery. The benches will seat approximately six, but there is open space to comfortably seat a dozen more.

The Grove is created as a meeting place for those who have gone beyond the Veil. Lords and Ladies of the Afterlife often find it pleasing to commune there with their worshipers, but the space will forever remain undedicated to any one god or goddess. The heartsick living can find some respite in this place, and the trees will sometimes weep gentle tears along with those who rest on the benches beneath their leaves. It is a sober, gentle place that provides respite to those overcome by the life and energy that swirls around Spirit Haven.

Memorial Grove is an ideal choice for any sort of memorial, particularly at Samhain, but can also be used for rituals dedicated for the deities of death and the afterlife. As a meeting place, it has also been successfully used for communication between worlds, and workshops focusing on ancestors or history. Due to its small size, it is best suited to events anticipating 20 or less participants, though overflow for larger workshops can easily be relocated to the larger clearings nearby.

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