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Brighid’s Temple Complex has many facets. One of the main areas, aside from the altar itself, is Brighid’s Crossing. There is also a standing stone and a prayer tree.

Brighid’s Crossing

Brighid’s Crossing has existed at CMA since before Spirit Haven was purchased. It has always been a special location for crafts, chanting, music, and gathering. As the Temple Complex has come together, Brighid’s Crossing has become a more public and social part of the Complex, in contrast to the quieter, more meditative Altar area.

Brighid’s Altar

Brighid’s Altar consists of a slab of oak cut from the sacred tree known as Council Oak. This is the permanent manifestation of the altar. At each festival Brighid’s Temple Coordinator oversees the gathering of temporary items and gifts to place on the altar. This consists of things such as: whiskey, candles, incense, woven Brighid’s crosses, prayers/blessings/invocations written on paper, and much more.

The Standing Stone

The Standing Stone was dedicated at CMA in approximately 2008 and was lovingly carved by hand to be placed at Spirit Haven. Stones have long been used as a marker of a sacred site or in honor of sacred beings. This stone was erected in Brighid’s honor.

The Prayer Tree

There are traditions of marking requests of the Gods or saints at sacred trees all over the world. Strips of cloth or other items are brought and imbued with the bringer’s wish for aid, thanks for aid given, or request for blessings in general. They are then tied to the tree. These physical objects are believed to be a conduit or physical manifestation of the prayer or request they are sending. Many trees can be found in Ireland and across the world that hold the physical manifestations of countless prayers.

The prayer tree at Brighid’s Temple Complex is just such a tree. Members have adorned the tree with pieces of cloth in representation of their wishes or prayers. This practice has been active at CMA since at least 2008, and it is hoped that future members will learn of it and participate in its sacredness.

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