About the Accord

The Accord is a quarterly journal for Wiccans, Pagans, and others on magickal and/or spiritual paths. The Accord focuses on Pagan spirituality, the practices of the magickal arts and topics of interest to the Pagan community. It is published near the Solstices and Equinoxes throughout the year by the Council of Magickal Arts, Inc.

Each issue of The Accord focuses on a theme related to Pagan spirituality and lifestyles. Regular features include messages from CMA officers, multimedia reviews, events calendar, personal announcements, and columns on Pagan parenting, online resources, community, advice and humor, religious liberties issues, magickal lore—and more!

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2017 Themes and Deadlines:
Vernal Equinox: "Revel Revival" 1 March
Summer Solstice: TBA 1 June
Autumn Equinox: TBA 1 September
Winter Solstice: TBA 1 December

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The Accord is free to be viewed online by anyone interested in reading it. If you wish to have a printed copy sent to someone without internet access, please contact the Accord Editor to request a copy.

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