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Contest Winners

First Place
Clean water: The Influence of Cold Reading on Divination Ethics by Stepanie Canada

"You must become an ear to hear what the Universe is saying." (from the Maggid of Mezritch)

While going through boxes of my books in storage recently, I "coincidentally" came across one of my old college textbooks for a course I took on Pseudoscience taught by Prof. Coker of the Physics Dept at the Univ. of Texas in the early 1980’s.

Here was a flash from my past as a skeptic, and an artifact of a key time in my development as a divinadora. Here was a silent voice, a nudge reminding me that there are no coincidences, so I figured that the time is right to share what I learned from this book with the divination community. Read the whole article

Second Place
Love by Maluna

Of all the emotions you might experience in your life, Love is perhaps the only one that is both eternally ancient and immeasurably new at every turn. Love transcends all boundaries, ignores all limitations imposed by language and society. It is the simple charm of a dandelion's puff, as well as the complex beauty of a well-woven tapestry. It is both the emotion felt for your most comfortable pair of jeans and the feelings your other half stirs every time your eyes meet. Love is a poet's dream, as it has the inherent mysteriousness of the Goddess Herself and Her many faces. Read the whole article

Third Place
Karmic Stream by Traveler

Several thousand years ago in a village in what is now northern India, a small boy lifts a heavy basket of grain on his back. He is ready to continue struggling home on a cool spring morning. As he lifts he turns too quickly and drops the basket. Grain spills out on the dusty ground. A large black and white bird, much like a raven, quickly drops on the grain. With his beak full the bird takes flight as the boy chases him off. The boy gathers the grain as best he can and this time, with great care, he lifts the basket and shuffles down the path.
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