Executive Director

Carolynn Zoll

After serving the last 8 months as the Assistant Executive Director for CMA, I am formally declaring my intent to run for the 2013 Executive Director office this Samhain. I understand the responsibilities and commitment required of an ED, and I believe I able to use my experience for the good of Membership, the Corporation and the Land. As a member of CMA since Samhain 2001, I have held the following positions in our community: Outlands Area Rep, Outlands Area Lead Rep, Rowdy Recycler Team Lead, Chief of Staff for acting Executive Director Blaze, Central Texas Area Lead Rep, and Healing Station Chief. In the last year, I have found a renewed love for CMA as a corporation of members as well as land in the form of Spirithaven. I feel I have much more to do and would like to continue serving the Membership. I am excited to continue our journey together.

Assistant Executive Director

William Benjamin David

Good greetings to you all.  My name is Billy David, I’m sure most of you have at least heard of me at some point or another.  Well it appears that it is my time to step up and do my duty.  I have decided to run for the office of Assistant Executive Director of our fine organization, along with Carolynn Zoll who is running for Executive Director.  Well I only have 250 words to describe my qualifications so here goes: 

I hold a bachelors degree in Business Management with emphasis on Non-Profit Faith Based Management.  I spent 4 years administering Quert Grove in Corpus Christi, TX and 6 years managing COTO Druid temple in Sandia, Texas.  I have been a member of CMA in good standing since Samhain 1998 and have been in regular attendance to festivals since. For the last 4 years I have served happily on festival set up crew.  Well that’s my qualifications in a nutshell, but here is a little about me: I was born & raised in South Texas. I committed myself to the Druid clergy at Samhain 1997, and still consider myself an orthodox Druid with a little whimsy thrown in for fun.  I earn a living as a petroleum inspector and work to support the local pagan community, as well as CMA, where ever possible.  I look forward to serving on the Board of Directors of CMA and seeing you all again at Samhain.

Director of Finance

Gary Lee Park

I meet all qualifications for a board position having been past ED, DoF, D of Communication, Director of Land Management (when position existed), Land Manager, Registrar and Corporate Office Manager and member since 1996.

My goal as Director of Finance is to follow all GAAP and accepted non-profit business accounting/finance principals without exception. The plan includes transparency in the finance area that CMA members deserve and expect in a manner both legally acceptable, but in an easy to understand format. Budgeting before the fact will be mandatory, approved by finance and the board. Very simple but strict guidelines/controls will be implemented on spending/handling money and there will be timely 3rd party overview of finances. Registration will stay under Finance purview as will day to day corporate business as it is currently.

I bring over 40 years (20 with non profits) of business experience to the position as well as serving CMA as a board member multiple times, Land Manager, Corporate business manager and Registrar as well as a member since 1996. I strongly believe that CMA belongs to the members and should follow their informed desires along with absolute transparency in corporate business. CMA will continue to streamline and pursue efficient methods of business while I am a Director. As a Director I will protect the organization interests and assets above those required by statute.

Members will have an advocate of unprecedented proportions while I am a Director. No question will be left unanswered. There will be clear unfettered answers from this director, because as members you deserve consistent, definitive and timely answers.

Director of Communications

Megan Dobson

My name is Megan Dobson and I want to serve CMA as Director of Communications.

I've been a member of CMA since the days of Recreation Plantation, and I served as a North Texas Area Rep (2010) and the North Texas Area Lead Representative (2011). During that time, I founded a monthly PNO (two years), a monthly PCN (one year), and the festival bake sale fundraiser (ongoing). I also performed community outreach, reaching out to other pagan groups in the area and coordinating a CMA booth at the North Texas Pagan Pride Day.

Since stepping down, I've worked to establish a CMA college scholarship program. While this program has not yet manifested, it remains a project near and dear to my heart, and I will continue to work toward its successful implementation.

My most visible role in CMA, however, has been as the Bridge Troll Matron of Dishonor, where I have been serving enthusiastically since joining the team in 2006. I created the Troll Tag program in 2007, and my time on the bridge has shown me how much can be accomplished when we find a way to creatively engage the membership.

As CMA continues to grow, effective communication becomes increasingly important. Within CMA, our members deserve responsible, thoughtful, and timely responses to their questions. Reaching out to the community at large, CMA needs a clear voice. What we have to say and how we say it are both vital, and I ask the membership for the opportunity to contribute to the conversation as Director of Communications.

Director of Records

Troy Lockwood

Member of CMA since 1991.

I have held multiple staff and representative positions over the last 22 years. Currently the assistant to the corporate manager and operator of the Bubbling Cauldron at Spirit Haven. I am currently in my senior year at DeVry University in the Bachelor of Science Business Administration degree plan. My business and record keeping experience from Harris Hospital system, Anzara Services, Bubbling Cauldron as well as American Medical Technologists association provides CMA with record keeping expertise and organizational abilities for this position.